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  1. Feelings Run Deep in D/s

    Feelings Run Deep in D/s

    Dominance & submission to me, is something that rules my existence. It is all consuming, and all demanding. It gives me no time, nor any wiggle room for games. It is like fighting a Demon 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year. Yes, fighting the Demon, and struggling against everyone & everything that may be in front of you, does have it beautiful rewards. In this reality, Dominants can be some of the most masochistic people you will ever ...

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  3. In the Beginning...

    My Name Sake

    How I picked My name, and found Myself.

    I have always known I was part of something I couldn't find. I had no clue how to find it either. Then one day I tripped over a website,, when I was looking for some good porn. Which we all know, is hard to find. When I first found the site I read some of the blogs, and did some research before signing up. I realized what I was getting into was more than I thought there to be. But knew I had ...
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  4. The Story of Us (The story of TDD & TBG)

    It was on a social chat app that had rooms dedicated to D/s and BDSM in general. I don’t like mentioning the actual name of the app, because it holds so many bad memories for me, as you will hear about in the coming days… Babygirl was invited into a room I owned by a mutual friend. My room was primarily an educational room. I learned through the mutual friend that babygirl had recently come out of a relationship, where she had been badly hurt. It had been her first venture into the D/s world ...
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  5. Ds & Kink

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    When talking about Dominance & submission, the conversation often leads to the topic of sexual kink. But is sexual kink integral to a healthy D/s relationship? In my opinion, not necessarily. Now bare with me here… So why is it that sexual kink, sexual openness, and sexual awareness seem to be so prevalent in D/s relationships? This, for me is quite simple to answer… It is due to the way those involved in D/s learn to communicate with one another.
  6. Power Exchange Relationships

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    Though they resemble their vanilla cousins to a large extent, Dominance and submission relationships differ greatly based not only on the Power Exchange dynamics involved but based on the level of open communication and the willingness of each individual to open themselves up to their partner. This amazing mixture of acceptance, affection, exploration and vulnerability are the foundation of every healthy and long lasting BDSM relationship.

    It’s imperative to understand
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