With the fully on site TC Classifieds system, you (the members) can Buy/Sell items in a way very similar to that of EBay or Amazon.

Our system lets you sell your items as 'Buy Now' or as 'Auctions'. You can sell both physical and non physical items, set up which payment methods you accept, have full control of your shipping details and fee's etc...

Again, we take a small fee of 2% for all items sold. Minimum value of items listed must be listed no less than $10.

To begin using this secure & safe system to sell items, you must first set up your options such as; Shipping Methods, Delivery times, Payment methods etc. To set these, please go to: https://twistedcastle.org/usercp.php

Your TC Classifieds settings can be found on the left side column, towards the bottom of the column. You can even set your own return policy for all your listed items.

Buyers that use the TC Classifieds system, will be able to rate merchants just as they would be able to on EBay or Amazon. These reviews & ratings appear in the merchants page for all customers to see.