Paid Subscriptions, are an easy way for the members of the Twisted Castle to donate a small amount each month on an ongoing basis.

We all know how much time, effort, and of course 'Money' it takes to provide quality events for our members. The House is always investing in the play space & Community toys etc... We also provide free food and soft drinks/water for all our members at each event. All these costs add up very quickly, and with more events being planned for 2017 than in previous years, the costs are just going to keep going up.

These subscription packages let our members give a little each month to show their support for TC, but they also come with a few benefits for the member.

The 1st subscription package is $5 each month. With this package you get the following benefits:

  1. Priority Event Invitations: As a paid subscriber you will have priority access to all TC events. Our event limit is 50 people. You will be guaranteed your place.
  2. Entry into any 'Paid' events at TC or Sponsored by TC at other venues, will be free. We will cover you
  3. Priority play: All paid subscriptions come with the benefit of not having to wait to play. You get priority over what time slots you wish to book for play.
  4. You will get a nice award logo in your TC website profile, to proudly show that you support us.

The 2nd subscription package is $10 each month. With this package you get the following benefits:

  1. ALL benefits listed above.
  2. Added bonus of having a '' Email address. For as long as you keep your package live, you will have a FREE Twisted Castle email address.
  3. Access to hidden parts of the site: We have forums, games, groups etc, that only This level of subscriber will have access to.

These subscription packages go along way to helping TC plan ahead and to host even more events. We can invest in new play equipment quicker, and we can protect the future of TC for YOU the members that love what TC represents.

To purchase your subscription package, please follow this link:

The link can also be found in your User Control Panel, in the Settings page. You can Unsubscribe at ANY time you wish.

If you wish to make a 1 time Donation to Twisted Castle, you can do that by using our built in Donation system:

Thank you very much for all your support, and we look forward to welcoming you back to TC in 2017.