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    ISHIDO - The way of stones

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    Back in the early days of the Macintosh, I picked up an accolade game called ISHIDO, It is an ancient Japanese game sometimes referred to a "ZEN CHESS"
    It is quite an interesting game in a number of aspects. the game board has 96 spaces, there are 72 tiles in total, 6 colors, 6 symbols and each tile has a TWIN.

    If you click on the link and press help, change the tiles to "Baubles" - the symbols are easier.

    The way the game works is always the same, you begin with 6 tiles already on the board, ONE of each color One of each symbol, ad then you begin putting the tiles down according to the rules. you can lay any tile down if it matches by color or symbol, i.e. yellow next to yellow, or arrow next to arrow. the object is to get all 72 tiles down on the board without locking yourself out by having a tile that has no available place to put it. you must lay down all 72 to win. of course the first 6 come already done for you, so it is a game of exactly 66 moves every time. There is a scoring system, the outer ring does not count for points, and doubles and triples are higher points.

    The goal in addition to winning by finding a spot for each tile is to score high by creating a "4 way match" wherin, you have for example 2 yellows, and 2 arrows and you put a yellow arrow into the center of the square you made. this becomes quite difficult as the tiles come up in random order every time. a Master's game is considered 8 4 way matches, if you can ever accomplish that you have done very well, i have managed 10 in my best game ever, with a score of over 30,000! The maximum physically possible would be 12 4 way matches but the odds against that are staggeringly astronomical.

    It is a very interesting game as you play it. there are 66 moves from the start to the end, but every move you make, then limits future possible moves, so you have to consider everything you have done, probabilities, and if moving to a new match is even possible, perhaps the key tile you need has already been in play.

    so mentally its a great exercise because it keeps you not only thinking ahead, but also, contantly having to take into consideration what options are no longer possible because of the moves you have already made. It is an interesting allegory for life, as you need to find a place for all of the tiles, but also, find the best possible arrangement, the best possible solution to the problem. reacting to the situation on the ground as it stands when you find it. 66 moves till the end, effectively keeping you thinking ahead 66 moves from the start, and all the way through.

    It is a quiet game, but one that can help your cognition by considering not only what is to come, but what has also passed. I invite you to try your best, it is challenging.

    This link can be used on PC, Tablets and phones and plays right in the browser! Simple and yet complex, takes minutes to learn, but a log time to master.

    Attached is a screenshot of a Masters Game with the 8 4-way matches highlighted so you can get a sense of how it is done.

    Click image for larger version. 

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